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“Julius is our 9 year old rainbow baby. We found out he had CTNNB1 at the age of 3. The first two years of his life, we were pretty perplexed and unaware as to what was contributing to his major developmental delays and severe hypotonia. He faced many challenges but also accomplished many goals, which at one point seemed impossible. He is in love with Barney and anything dealing with the great outdoors. He will sit and watch blades of grass and trees sway in the wind for hours on end. Julius is a joyful soul, he loves to be tickled and given tight hugs and plenty of kisses! He is able to ambulate with his walker and wheelchair but gets around best crawling and exploring. Julius continues to defy many odds and we give all glory and honor to God. We are inspired by his beautiful smile and perseverance. We are CTNNB1 STRONG.”

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