Take action for CTNNB1 the entire month of July leading up to the official awareness day, July 25th!

Post on social media – share your own CTNNB1 story or reshare what CTNNB1 Connect and Cure is posting. Make sure to tag us and use hashtags (#CTNNB1, #CTNNB1awareness) and use a CTNNB1 Awareness Day social media frame!

Educate – get out in the community or contact your local media to share about life with CTNNB1. You can use facts from our pre-made brochure and flier!

Ask your Governor and Mayor to issue a proclamation that declares July 25 to be CTNNB1 Awareness Day in your area.

Fundraise – July is a great time to fundraise and we have some resources prepared to help you.

Whatever you choose to do, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know how you are spreading CTNNB1 awareness or tag us when you post on social media. We’d love to reshare your efforts! If you haven’t already, please fill out the Digital Release Form to give us permission to post photos of your child.