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Riley is 14 years old and currently in the 7th grade. She loves going to school and being with her friends, and her favorite activity is riding anything that goes fast and can make her feel the wind in her face.  She’s a fantastic helper to her family, most often keeping her little sister’s toys picked up and put back into their proper places, and she loves helping at school by doing a daily mail delivery and can’t help but to stop and visit with anyone who says “Hi”.  Riley can walk independently, however she does prefer some assistance at steps and anywhere unfamiliar, as she is prone to falling easily. She can light up a room with her smile and loves any attention she can get. She loves her little sister, even more when she shares her toys. She loves her collection of singing stuffed animals, learning about anything by watching YouTube videos on her iPad, and has an adventurous appetite, which will lead her to eat about anything that is presented to her. Her most favorite place on the planet is Make Promises Happen Camp, and she asks to go to Camp every day.

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