CTNNB1 Syndrome Included in La Jolla Lab’s ‘Revealing Rare Genes’ Collection

We are honored to share the following article, written by Perla Sandoval & Allison Brown at La Jolla Labs, Inc. It discusses the history of our understanding of the disease and the state of current treatment options. Check it out and share! https://www.genome.bio/post/searching-for-a-cure-for-ctnnb1-syndrome

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Meet Silvia

"Silvia ha 10 anni...e frequenta la scuola primaria. È verbale ..ma presenta ritardo cognitivo... motorio... disturbo del comportamento e deficit dell'attenzione. È molto simpatica e socievole...ma anche molto facile al pianto. Vuole essere sempre al centro dell'attenzione con modo molto molto infantili. Le piace stare con i ragazzi della sua età...cosa che diventa sempre più difficile…

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Meet Julius

Meet Julius

"Julius is our 9 year old rainbow baby. We found out he had CTNNB1 at the age of 3. The first two years of his life, we were pretty perplexed and unaware as to what was contributing to his major developmental delays and severe hypotonia. He faced many challenges but also accomplished many goals, which at…

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Meet Rosalie

Rosalie is 3 years old. She got her diagnosis on her 2nd birthday. Rosalie uses a wheelchair to get around and is learning to use a walker. Rosalie is determined and loves to learn new things. She is now a big sister and loves helping take care of her baby brother. Rosalie loves all things pink…

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Meet Emma

Emma was a medical mystery for almost 8 years. Appointment after appointment, yielded very little answers. MRI's came back normal. When she was 3 we met with genetics and the geneticist basically looked at us and told us nothing was wrong. We were extremely discouraged by this and at a loss. It took almost 5 years…

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Small Molecule Research Update!

Dr. Jacob at Tufts University has identified a small molecule that shows the potential to alleviate many of our dragonfly’s learning and motor symptoms. She has been working diligently with medicinal chemists to find the best version of this small molecule to use in our patients. One version has already been through phase II clinical trials…

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Meet Caleb
Caleb from Pennsylvania, USA

Meet Caleb

Caleb is a happy nine-year-old boy and can be seen with a smile on his face almost all the time! Since his diagnosis of CTNNB1, he has progressed in many ways, including physical, occupational, speech, and academic areas. His school provides him with a pull out math class, and a language arts program that helps him…

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Will You Ride With Us?

The Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center (ODC) will host the 11th Annual Million Dollar Bike Ride on Saturday, June 8, 2024 to raise money for rare disease research. The Million Dollar Bike Ride brings over 600 cyclists and volunteers to Penn’s campus to ride either 10, 32, or 72 miles starting in the city, and ranging…

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Meet Rowan

Rowan is 4 years old and is currently in preschool. Rowan is very smart and already passing tests for kindergarten readiness in school. He knows the alphabet and is able to read many short words. Rowan loves learning about words and numbers. He enjoys art, books, and shopping trips with family. Rowan has recently started walking…

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Join Simons Searchlight

Are you the caregiver of someone with CTNNB1 syndrome? Join our search for answers by signing up for Simons Searchlight, an international research program with the goal of accelerating science and improving lives for people with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. Your unique experience could hold the clues that scientists need to find treatments and a cure! Step…

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