Thank you for your interest in fundraising! With your help, we believe it’s possible to find treatments for CTNNB1 Syndrome. The most important step we can take is to fund the critical research that leads to life-changing breakthroughs. You can help advance research through fundraising and raising awareness on behalf of CTNNB1 Connect & Cure! Whenever someone reaches out to their families and friends to talk about CTNNB1 Syndrome, we continue to build our community of supporters. Whatever type of fundraiser you host, large or small, we are appreciative of your efforts, and we are here to support you.

Below, you will find a dropdown list of popular fundraising ideas with some general information to start the planning process. Please don’t limit yourself to only these options – get creative and do whatever works best for you and your participants!

Facebook and Instagram make it easy to do an online fundraiser in support of CTNNB1 research!

For Facebook: Log in to Facebook, click “Fundraisers” in the left panel menu and search for “Advancing CTNNB1 Cures and Treatments Inc.” From there, click “Create Fundraiser” to set up your Facebook fundraiser.

For Instagram: First, create a new post. After selecting your photo(s), write a meaningful caption then on the same screen click ”Add Fundraiser.” Search for and select ”Advancing CTNNB1 Cures and Treatments Inc.” Click “Share” when you are ready to post. It will automatically set your goal at $100, but you can change this and more settings by going to the post and clicking ”Edit Fundraiser.”

A walk is a fun opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and those in your community! First, choose a date and location, then invite everyone to come walk with you and show their support. Next, plan how you will collect donations (registration fee, donation table, etc). Don’t forget to promote the event on social media and post fliers around town! Pro tip: ask local stores to donate snacks and cold drinks for your participants!

A classic fundraising idea! Post up somewhere with a lot of foot traffic, make yourself visible with large signs, and post about it on social media! Include a donation lockbox for cash and a large QR code for online donations. This type of setup works well for a craft sale, yard sale, and so much more!

Host a game night in person or virtually, or plan a watch-party for a broadcasted game or event! Have participants reserve their spot by making a donation. Up the ante by offering prizes and mini-competitions throughout the event. Some ideas: Bachelorette bracket, pro games, college rivalry games, board/card games, trivia night, etc.

The sky is the limit in terms of donations at an auction, as the items go to the highest bidder. First, gather auction items – these can be handmade goods, local merchandise, experiences… pretty much anything that people will bid for! Promote the event on social media and fliers. You may also consider offering an online option!

You don’t have to be a golfer to organize a golf tournament fundraiser! First, connect with a golf course and work with their management team to plan a date and schedule. Recruit volunteers and sponsors. Plan games, raffles, and sales to generate more revenue. Promote the event on social media and local news outlets. For more flexibility and less hands-on planning, you can also host a virtual golf tournament fundraiser, where your players can play from any golf course anywhere!

Reach out to local restaurants to see if they will host a “CTNNB1 Night.” The website makes it easy to find and book restaurant fundraisers. You can also ask local grocery, retail, and other stores if they would consider partnering in something like this to benefit CTNNB1 research.

A note: please be sure to say thank you to your donors. Part of fundraising responsibly is expressing gratitude for each donation. CTNNB1 Connect and Cure sends a thank you note when we receive a large donation directly, but it is always good practice to express your own gratitude personally as the fundraiser host. Include a bit about why their donation is making a difference for your loved one with CTNNB1 Syndrome. This will be welcome news to your caring community of donors!

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Interested in hosting a fundraiser or other activity to support our CTNNB1 community? Get in touch with your ideas and questions. We’d love to hear what you have in mind and to stay in touch so that we can help promote and celebrate your initiative with you.