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Hello this is George from the UK. George is 6 years old and he is the happiest little boy! He always has the biggest smile on his face. George loves his family and going to his amazing school with his teachers and his friends . George enjoys sensory play, sensory massages, swimming, and his iPad – especially 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, anything to do with music and singing. George was diagnosed with CTNNB1 syndrome in 2021 and it was so nice to finally have an answer to all George’s symptoms. George has epilepsy too and despite all his struggles he is very determined. His eyes and his smile tell the most beautiful story and he makes everyone around him so happy. George also loves doing his physio therapy and is learning how sit/kneel up by himself. George is non-verbal but he is always the loudest person in the room with his beautiful sounds. George is a true warrior and he makes all his family so proud! We love you George x

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