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Eleni (21) and Ileana (7) are both affected by CTNNB1 syndrome. They have three sisters ages 19, 15 and 11 who are not affected. Eleni loves SpongeBob, music, watching signing time and videos on her iPad. She crawls when home but uses a wheelchair when we are not at home. She mostly prefers to stay home but loves our trips to the farmers market and family mountain rides. She gets excited easily and laughs all the time. She communicates basic wants and needs with limited words or signs. Ileana is so much like her sister but also very opposite to her. She wants to be in the middle of everything. Where Eleni is my introvert, Ileana is my extrovert. She wants to be around people. She is also a thrill seeker and absolutely loves to climb anything she can. She loves spending her time outside as much as possible, swimming, jumping on the trampoline or jungle-jumparoo. She is able to walk, but is up on her tip toes. She is working on walking flat foot with AFOs. She talks some but it’s hard to understand so she also signs and uses a communication app.

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