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Isabella is a bright-eyed 4yr old with a contagious laugh. She loves books, music, dancing, playing with her 3 older siblings and any activity that gets her outdoors or in the water. Bella’s favorite activity these days is to get in the laundry basket with the warm clothes and hand us clothes to fold, while laughing hysterically. This August she will start her second year in the DD3 program at our local public school. She will be fortunate enough to have the same amazing teachers who helped her blossom so much last year. While at school, Bella loves playing in the kitchen center, reading books, and playing on the playground with her friends. She works hard in speech, OT and PT, so she can hopefully one day walk independently, and communicate through more signs, a communication device or even verbally. Isabella gives the best hugs, has the brightest smile, and brings so much joy to everyone who gets to know her. 

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