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Glen is a 17 year old young man and a 10th grader in high school in Wyoming (USA). He LOVES Scooby-Doo, Frozen. Encanto, Power Rangers, Loud House (watching shows/movies or playing/wearing the characters). He is VERY social and loves seeing people he knows. He also loves swimming and riding horses. Hippotherapy is what finally got him walking when he was younger. He didn’t start walking (with a walker) until he was around 4 or 5, and even then had to wear orthotics. He gradually worked his way out of a walker and orthotics and was totally independent with his mobility for about 3-4 years (age 8-12) until puberty hit and he slowly started losing the ability to ambulate. He is currently in a wheelchair all the time. He struggles academically, especially with math. He has also struggled with behavior (hitting, pinching, throwing) but we have noticed it isn’t quite as bad now as it was when he was younger. But overall, he is a very positive, friendly, and loving young man.

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  1. Kaydence Lopez

    Glen is the most amazing person i’ve met! Cooking class was the best with you!:) Miss you!

  2. Kellie Hawbaker Whitzel

    I love this kid. He has the best sense of humor and hugs. He will always be my buddy!

  3. Valerie Ross

    I absolutely adore this young man. He can light up a room ❤️

  4. Michelle Greer

    Glen is a great young man and has had to overcome many obstacles

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