Geisinger study supports genetic testing for individuals with cerebral palsy

Meta-analysis shows similar genetic diagnostic yield for cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Thirteen studies published between 2013 and 2022, comprising 2,612 people, all related to CP and genetic testing, were evaluated by the Geisinger research team. Read more at

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Meet Davis

Davis is the most loving and joyful 3 year old around. He captures the heart of all those he comes into contact with. His infectious laugh and ear to ear smile can light up a room. Davis loves music, being outside and playing with sensory toys (sand, water beads, etc). Davis has grown tremendously over the…

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Meet Riley

Riley is 14 years old and currently in the 7th grade. She loves going to school and being with her friends, and her favorite activity is riding anything that goes fast and can make her feel the wind in her face.  She's a fantastic helper to her family, most often keeping her little sister's toys picked…

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Simons Foundation Funds IPSC Cell Lines

The Simons Foundation has agreed to fund the development of 5 IPSC cell lines for preclinical drug testing. We are thankful for the generosity and support of this foundation which is committed to better understanding genetic neurodevelopmental conditions. ACCT is pushing full steam ahead to lay the necessary groundwork to appeal to the FDA for a…

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