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We held our second annual basket auction fundraiser on March 25, 2023 in Wenonah, NJ, to benefit CTNNB1. The event was a huge success with $16,000 in profit and about 180 people in attendance. It was wonderful having another CTNNB1 family join us this year. Fellow local CTNNB1 mom, Nicole Fimple, with her family and friends brought in tons of donations for the basket auction and showed up in mass to support our amazing dragonflies. The event we hold would not be a success without the enormous amount of donations we receive. This year we had 71 baskets plus 3 large ticket items for people to choose from. The planning for this event started before Christmas and just after New Years we swing in to high gear. My husband, my sister, and I have a system of emailing, visiting and sending letters to local and national companies to request donations. Our main source of advertising is through a Facebook private event. We also have the support of our church. The event is featured in our weekly bulletin leading up to the event. We receive many monetary donations from this avenue plus a nice amount of people attending the fundraiser.

-Diana O’Mara, CTNNB1 mom

Planning a fundraiser for CTNNB1?

Check out our fundraising page for more inspiration about raising money for CTNNB1 research! You can also reach out to Diana directly about her experience planning several great fundraisers like this one.